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Dr. Missy Gallow

Dr. Missy Gallow has been working in the field of orthopedics since graduating from Dayton University in 2012. After having twins – Dr. Missy developed a passion for bridging the gap between pelvic health and the world of orthopedics and chronic pain. Believing in integrating all of the body systems into her treatment sessions. She has learned that the musculoskeletal system is vastly intertwined with other body systems. She believes that pain is not just a physical problem – but a WHOLE body problem, including emotional and mental health. She strives to help her patients make lasting changes – not just for their body but for their life.She has continued her pelvic health education with numerous courses focusing on pregnant and postpartum health.

She is dedicated to educating women about the changes that occur during pregnancy and common postpartum patterns that have a lasting effect on a woman’s body. She has a passion for working with active women (and men), whether that looks like Crossfit, Pilates, Yoga, HIIT, running, weekend soccer or playing with your kids. A quote she loves is “Train harder than life, so that life is easier” Dr. Missy is working hard to bridge the gap in prenatal and postpartum care and getting women the knowledge they need to have an optimal birth and avoid chronic pain throughout their lifespan. She utilizes manual techniques and dry needling to address pain and focuses on rebuilding the “mind-body” connection. Effectively continuing on to rebuild strength, stability and mobility in the body for overall function. Her hope is that every woman will have the resources they need early on to avoid chronic pain throughout their postpartum years.​ “Once you are postpartum, you are always postpartum.”​ When not in the clinic, she can be found outside in the sunshine, her garden, playing with her kids and cooking with her husband.

Dr. Amanda Townsend

Two pregnancies. Two cesareans. Since the birth of my oldest in 2015, I’ve developed a personal familiarity with pelvic pain as well as the gaps in the healthcare system for individuals with pelvic and obstetrical conditions. Determined to better understand the cause of my pain and to help others going through similar challenges, I set out to learn everything I could about pelvic and obstetric physical therapy.

My passion for physical therapy was sparked even earlier – after a series of gymnastics and running related injuries. My physical therapist and I spent a lot of time together! He helped me realize I could come back stronger than before and inspired me to want to help others who’d dealt with injuries.

Being dual board certified in Orthopedics and Women’s Health, with a background in sports medicine as an athletic trainer (Go Bucks!), I am uniquely qualified to blend the worlds of orthopedics, pelvic health, and sports medicine. I strive to connect the functional relationships from head to toe, using education, exercise, dry needling and manual therapy, in a collaborative and holistic approach to get to my patient’s root issues, yielding lasting results.

I love working with female athletes through the lifespan, back, pelvic and hip pain conditions with both males and females, with pregnant and postpartum women, and with aging women. In addition, I have a special interest in women’s sexual medicine, treating genitopelvic pain conditions and pain with penetration disorders.

I also love being a mom to my two boys, and being active and outdoors with my family in my free time. I enjoy exercising, having a nice glass of wine, listening to music, and dancing to anything that is not the paw patrol theme song!



Do you suffer from low back, hip or neck pain? Whether you’re male or female, these nagging pains can have a lasting impact on our lives.

Pelvic Floor

Do you suffer from bladder issues, sexual related pain or have been diagnosed with infertility or a chronic condition like endometriosis?

Postpartum Care

Helping women to learn more about their changing body and addressing pain in pregnancy. In addition, providing labor and delivery preparation, we focus on preventive care to reduce injury and trauma during a pregnancy or birth.

Female Athlete

Pelvic floor issues don’t just arise from pregnancy. We can help teenage or adult female athletes with bladder issues, prolapse, pelvic, back or hip related conditions.

Orthopedic Care

Pelvic Floor Care

PRegnancy Postpartum Care

female athlete Care

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