Frequently Asked Questions

Adjacent to Crossfit Clintonville at 609 Oakland Park Ave Suite C Columbus OH 43214. There, you will find a lobby, two private treatment rooms and access to a full gym.

No! In the state of Ohio we can see you via direct access law, which means patients can be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist without needing a practitioner or healthcare provider referral. However, we are happy to collaborate with any other healthcare professionals you are working with to ensure the best care possible.

Children are always welcome during your scheduled appointment. We do have a small stash of toys on hand.

Every individual case is unique and requires its own plan of care. We typically don’t see anyone for less than 6 visits. We also see women for years depending on their goals and chronicity of their symptoms. This is a lifelong journey for a lot of women. Consider us your primary care pelvic providers. There may be seasons of your life that you need more care or less.

We recommend scheduling your initial evaluation (“New patient evaluation”) and at least 2 additional follow up’s (“Current patient follow up”) within a 6 week period to aid in the progress of your care and avoid a big gap in care. Our Therapists typically book out 4-6 weeks at a time.

No! We believe in preventative care and changing the model of Pelvic PT as a routine thing (think “I go to the dentist twice a year even when my teeth don’t hurt”)

Yes! We find great value in labor and delivery prep for women and spouses to aid in a better birth experience and teach you ways to manage pain, progress labor and avoid trauma to the pelvic floor muscles.

We love to see pregnant women! Early intervention is key for preventing the common pelvic floor dysfunctions from happening (incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, pelvic pain). We help women learn how to manage their growing body and change or modify physical activity. We also help women learn positions and techniques to aid in an optimal birth and minimize tearing and trauma to their body

Either can be great, and they can be great together! We both have different specialties and work closely with a few trusted chiropractors

Never! We love helping women in midlife after they are done having kids. Learning to manage any pelvic floor symptoms will improve and prevent worsening symptoms as you age. Your body has potentially spent decades learning habitual patterns but they can all be trained with hard work!

Definitely, it’s a misconception that you have to have had kids to have symptoms related to your pelvic floor. FALSE

We recommend comfortable clothing that you can move in and allows your therapist access to your abdomen, back, legs etc. At the initial evaluation, we will discuss your history and then tailor the sessions to your unique needs. This may include an internal vaginal or rectal exam if needed and agreed upon by you and your therapist.

No! If you prefer to not have these exams we can still help care for your pelvic floor symptoms and concerns.


Misama, LLC is an out of network provider which means we don’t participate with any insurances. This gives us more 1:1 time with you and complete flexibility to treat you the way you deserve! Superbills or an itemized receipt can be provided to you to submit to your insurance for direct reimbursement.

The current insurance model forces clinicians to see multiple patients at one time and bill your insurance at a high rate. We want to be transparent with our fees.

Insurance companies don’t practice in a proactive or preventative model. Unfortunately the health care model is still reactive, not paying for ANY care that is geared towards prevention. In addition, they often will only cover X # of sessions per diagnosis, deny certain treatment options during your visits (Example: dry needling) and don’t pay for services that are geared towards higher level function. Things like painful sex or leaking with heavy lifting, jumping or running.

Because of that you don’t know what your bill will look like from session to session or how much you will pay out of pocket.

We believe you deserve better and refuse to let insurance dictate your care!

We feel that if you want to stay ahead of your healthcare, have specific treatments like dry needling available to you, or participate in higher level activities that affect your quality of life you should be able to receive care!

We have full transparency on our pricing and our clinicians aren’t burnt out from the overload of billing and documentation to your insurance which allows us to give you 100% of our attention during each treatment session and keep you advancing towards meeting your goals!

Yes. We can provide a superbill after each session with all the information needed to submit for reimbursement.

We do recommend calling your insurance company ahead of starting your sessions to see what your out of network physical therapy benefit is.

No, not for Physical Therapy services. We can see Medicare patients for wellness services. Contact for further discussion!

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Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to help!

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